Monday 6 May 2013

Life with MJ

Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I'm still suffering from months of  lack of sleep but fortunately, last night, for the first time EVER...MJ slept all baby is growing up...She is 4 mths old now...adjusted age about 8 weeks...she continues to bring joy to my life daily...she is such a precious child...we are so long as we hold her...she never cries...therefore...she never cries, lol....

I'm trying to decide if I want to continue this blog or was created to helped other couples by blogging our journey and hardships along the way...I may just start another one involving all members of our immediate family and let this one be idle...Idle that is, until round 2. Although most anxious for round 2, I dread the stress.....we have a limited number of embryos left...the nicu and FRRO visit a memory yet still fresh in my mind...I guess I just want to relish in the one normal aspect of this journey so far....just loving MJ...enjoying her presence...

Speaking of normal...we finally had her baby shower last week...her first big went very well...finally, we got to experience one "normal" pregnancy/new baby was nice for a to experience it first hand...not by email or phone call....

MJ is 10 pounds 5 ounces now..WOW!! She has one more visit with the cardiologist (hopefully we will be able to stop the Lasix then)...her reflux is aggravating but manageable with Zantac...she appears to be hitting her developmental milestones on target with her adjusted age...finally she has some fat rolls!! She has lost a lot of her hair...headbands with bows are her best friend...she smiles constantly and is always moving and cooing...what a joy...what a journey...

Now for some pics...some are from the baby shower...some are just MJ chilling...

Isn't the cake cute????
April 27, 2013

look at those cheeks now!!

Ok..just half a smile...


  1. Gorgeous girl, she is! So happy to see the update and know that all is well. With love from the North, b

  2. Great pics! Our girl is doing fine, but our boy is also having a reflux problem. He had several projectile vomit. We started using Dr Brown's Level 1 nipple after the P nipple and that's when the reflux got bad. We found that switching the bottle/nipple helped a bit (we are now using Avent). Anyway, hope her reflux disappears soon. Cheers!

  3. I can't believe how big she is and how much she has changed! Seems like yesterday we were all here! She is so pretty. Sarah had reflux also for the first year, and was on that nasty zantac that we tried everything to flavor for her. At least back then it was just horrid. Maybe the past 9 years has brought a change of flavor for the poor babies. xo

  4. Love that cake Rene! We are also starting again in June for a brother or sister for's scary though! Big Kiss to MJ she is a beautiful! Hugs to you too hon, miss you xx

  5. Beautiful little lady :-) so happy to hear all is well. Love SR x

  6. Thanks guys!! I can't believe how far we all have come!! Although a successful yet rocky journey we couldn't have made it with out you guys!!

  7. I have enjoyed seeing your blog on and off. Your little baby MJ is beautiful as are your other children. Hope you continue to blog and lots of luck with your family.

  8. How cute ! She is an angel :) GOd bless !!
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