Friday, 18 November 2011

6 weeks scan

We have a hearbeat!!! Woo hoo!!! 142!!! Decidual reaction is adequate!!!! (I have never been so happy to be adequate in all my life!)  Yolk sac is normal...CRL 3mm....BUT...there is a 15 x 9 mm s/c bleed noted on ultrasound; so surro MD is on strict bedrest and we will get another scan in 2 weeks!!!  This is the longest freaking rollercoaster I have ever been on!!! I am cautiously optimistic, I am excited but guarded....please continue to keep us in your prayers....and our little surrogate, bless her heart....barely pregnant and already on bedrest!!! Another 2ww......Rene'

Monday, 14 November 2011

more waiting....

Ok...I am not a patient person and I tend to be a little controlling....perfect candidate for surrogacy/IP/India...right???  I want to know beta numbers, I want to know progesterone levels....I want to check the patient/surro...any bleeding, any cramping????  Honestly, it is truly best that she is thousands of miles away and that she is a stranger to me...because, if she and I were friends before the surrogacy, we would surely not be afterwards, lol...I would have driven her crazy and she would have unfriended me on facebook by now!!! I just keep thinking, God, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change....we should get another scan later in the week......until then I will just try to stay positive and keep busy!!! Again, thanks surro community for being my cheerleaders this week! Your positive comments have really helped...keep the prayers and positive energy coming our way...Rene'

Friday, 11 November 2011

doesn't look good.....

Well..the ultrasound results revealed a gestational sac (no yolk sac/noembryo)...Sometimes this isn't seen until 5.5 weeks and we were just 5 weeks today...BUT...the bad news is (or the worst news) is that the decidual reaction is weak..and apparently that means there could be an endometrial thickening basically, they will do another ultrasound next week, but doesn't look good.......what a roller coaster ride....

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

a little FYI

Just found out that our surro with the positive pregnancy test is the one that received only ONE EMBRYO!!  You know what they only takes if we can only "keep" one in the oven for 9 months!!!  I guess it's true....quality is better than quantity when it comes to eggs/embryos.....

Monday, 7 November 2011

more waiting.....

The next hurdle we have is the should be done sometime this week (i'm voting on friday but they didn't commit to a day!)....i'm scared to get excited yet....if we can just make it through the first trimester, then, maybe.....i ....can....breathe.....when I was pregnant with my other children I knew I wasn't cramping, no bleeding. no weird feelings....i worked in healthcare so i had access to unlimited ultrasounds....(not that I really knew what to look for other than movement, lol)...i threw up several times a day which just made me more aware that I was pregnant...although nauseated I was reassured with the pregnancy....this time...soooo different....I have to have trust and faith....two simple things that are soo hard to have for now....I will be have to be content with the fact that we are pregnant until proven otherwise.....I want to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement; I am still unable to comment on my own blog...I think I have the settings messed up somehow...anyway, until next time....Rene'

Friday, 4 November 2011

BFP-Big Fat Positive!!!

Betas are in...we have one surrogate positive with a beta of 73.81......woo my ivf calender due date it showed the embryo was formed on Gene's birthday and the baby will be due on our anniversary!! Is that a sign??  Our next hurdle is the ultrasound next week; we need to see if it is "real" and not a chemical pregnancy...not trying to be negative but we only had a 20% chance that we would get pregnant and we now have a 30% chance of a miscarriage! IVF pregnancies have a greater chance of miscarriage so we will try to be positive yet realistic...I still can't believe it...I will enjoy this week and just take it one day at a time...Thank you for all of your prayers and postive thoughts!! Also, my thoughts and prayers are with others that are awaiting results, counting down time or figuring out plan b....Meanwhile...I will try not to put too much stress on Dr. Google!!! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing you know!!!  Better know I'm pregnant now and need my rest, lol!!!