Friday, 30 September 2011

3rd accupuncture it really didn't hurt as bad this time....but it didn't seem to help as much either...there was one exciting moment when she had to move the needle in my calf because my ankle felt like it was on fire...she usually puts a heat lamp on my feet but this time she put a lamp over my abdoment as well.....incubating my eggs i suppose....dehli approaches....i will get on the big bird and fly away in a week and one -half...i so am not ready...i need to pack...make a list...have a nervous breakdown...but, time marches on whether i am ready or not...i can't wait to see how many eggs we get this time...i want to see if all of the supplements and vitamins i have stuffed in my body make a difference....well, time for bed...till next time... rene'

Sunday, 25 September 2011

2nd Accupuncture

I survived the second accupunture. It was still painful (just the initial stick) but better than last time I suppose...the ears are the worst...I decided to forego the electro portion of it...just not sure about that for fertility but I definately think it could work for other ailments...Still taking tons of vitamins and supplements....about to get everything squared away for next month I believe...little "fires" keep cropping up that we have to put out, but otherwise, I guess things are going as well as can be expected...there has been alot of stress over the last couple of weeks and I am trying to concentrate on the egg retrieval and staying "destressed"... my 3rd grader asked me what they were going to do with my eggs when they got them out and I told him a scaled down version and he said "that's just weird"....I'm sure all of the 3rd grade parents appreciate hearing about our surrogacy adventures through their children, lol....I am now on the pill and not only am I irritable and mean from the dhea but now we get to throw in emotional/crying with the estrogen of the pill....geez....nothing like a mean crybaby, lol....everyone asks me why we are going to india and are we going on a mission trip...I just laugh and tell them that we are not that good of people, lol and that the mission we are on is to have a baby....that usually buys them enough time to get their jaw off the ground where they have dropped it...really, you shouldn't ask a question you don't want to know the answer to, lol....well, if nothing else, at least we are entertaining....till next time...rene'

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Well, I had my first accupunture experience last week....let's just say it was a bit more painful than I anticipated....of course, everything associated with infertility has been that way so far (both emotionally and physically) so I don't know why I thought this would be different...I'm going for round two tomorrow...and she plans on stepping up the game a little with some electroaccupunture therapy.....not so sure about that one...getting stuck with needles then attached to wires and shocked...hmm...i just hope it doesn't fry my eggs!!! Just sounds like more pain and more money to me, lol....but seriously, I will do whatever it takes to facilitate this journey...I can't wait to see if all of my supplement/vitamin popping and electroshocking improve my egg quality/quantity....again, only time will tell.....