Sunday, 30 December 2012

She has a name...and a ventilator....

After much controversy and wishy washiness she finally has a name...Mary Jane....she has been named after both of our mothers...a good old fashioned American's easy to spell...easy to say...and both grandmas I think are pleased...Of course, after she gets her name..she decides to pull a fast one...the Dr. said she just became too exhausted yesterday and they had to put her on the vent...reports her settings continue to decrease and she will hopefully be off in a day or two...otherwise doing well...good feedings and good stool...after the initial freak out moment of being back on the vent i forgot to ask him about her weight...i bought some preemies outfits hoping that when I get there they will let her wear looks like she might well be outgrown the preemie outfits before she is discharged...we will just wait and, if anyone is headed to Eden...please check on our I am unable to take our other two children to India (need notarized statement from ex....tried, but he refused)...I will be here for a little longer...trying to figure out a husband works crazy hours and they can't be home alone while he is at wait...and pray...I was planning on leaving in about 2 weeks but now with the whole vent placement thing...I don't know...I've got arrangements for our other 2 for about 2-3 weeks when I am gone but that is, it is all in the timing...if I could just clone myself...and be independently you all know...the sooner you go to india the sooner the hotel/dining/transportation bills's a double edged sword, you know? You just feel like you are being pulled in all directions; it seems like no matter what decision I make, I will let somebody down...cloning is the only solution I can come up with....but, I just tell wasn't easy getting pregnant and it's not going to be easy coming home...oh Mary are going to be a little now have a now have some, just go ahead and breathe for mama, ok? 

Friday, 28 December 2012

One Week Old

Well...she still doesn't have a name...but...she is one week old today!!!  She is still on cpap...I will feel better when she gets off of that...that could be 3 days, could be another week....but at least she is not sick!! The doctor continues to reassure us that she just needs to grow...they have stopped the iv fluids and the prophylactic antibiotics...she continues with her tube, all she needs is time...When are we going to Dehli??? That and what is her name are the two questions we are trying to answer...We want to go today...but, of course....that creates a financial issue and an issue with childcare for our other two children...with my husbands work schedule he is unable to keep the kids as he works 12 and 24 hour shifts about an hour away from home...two to three weeks in February we had worked out...2 or 3 months now...we had not....hopefully all of the moons will align soon and we can get on that big bird and fly!!! Of course, she still has no bed, clothes, car seat,, we will make good use of this time by getting her stuff bought and ready for her arrival to the US...We can't wait!!  Keep us in your prayers!!!  Thanks everyone for the support you have shown. It means the world to us!!!  Oh, on the name thing..we are getting it narrowed down a little...since she was born on "doomsday" according to the Mayans, we are considering a middle name of Maya....but, of course...that is not set in stone yet!! 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Thanks Ryan!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Ryan for snapping some pics for us, donating some goods and checking on our little one!! You are the bomb, Ryan! Thank you sooo much!! I will try to upload some of the photos in a bit. She is doing better...on cpap off of the vent...tolerating feedings well...He gave us a great update and for that we are grateful..Again, the support from the surro community is's like one big family...and I am so thankful...


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Question(s) of the day

Ok fellow know I call on you all when I need to know, here it goes...
1) What is the best DNA lab with the fastest turnaround time? Any good or bad experiences are appreciated...
2) What is the best (smallest) preemie diapers and how many should I take?
3) We are going to fly United/continental. .. we would like to get a cc that would allow us to use the united club room and earn frequent flyer miles...any ideas?
4) what is one thing you wished you would have brought but didn't?
5) Phil and Ted cocoons? Where do you get them?

Plus, any other pearls of wisdom on getting us out of India would be great!! Thanks!

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Here she is...all 2.9 pounds!!! Look at that big diaper!!

We still don't have a name...but, we've only had 2 1/2 years of fertility treatments to think about a name....that's not that long, right???

Friday, 21 December 2012

OMG....We have a daughter!!!

We have a room that's not painted, no nursery furniture and not a single diaper...but...we have the most important thing of all...a DAUGHTER!! Born at 1:50 12/21/12....I can't believe it!! She weighs 3 pounds and is on the ventilator; otherwise doing well...just..premature...I say 30 weeks Dr. Anju says 29 weeks,...anyway..we are on cloud 9 yet terrified!! We can't wait to see her!! We are to anticipate a 6 week NICU we have a little time to get things together...but it is so hard not jumping on the first plane out of here!! Of course, we have to get all of the legal papers found and copied, make arrangements for our other children and dogs...let G's work know....I just can't believe it..I am so happy..yet so scared...they sent us pics...she looks so good! I know she's tiny but she looks big in the pics...I will try to share those later...right now just can't concentrate!! If anybody has had a baby born that early, especially in India, all helpful hints welcome! Also, would like to know how long your stay was in India and how your baby/babies are doing! Also, if there are any parents in Dehli picking up their baby would you mind checking on ours? Please? Or if there are any intended parents who plan on touring the facility anyway would you mind checking on ours? It is killing us not being there...I had hoped for another month but she had other plans!!! All prayers and advice appreciated!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Crazy Question

Ok..crazy there anyone out there in blogland that has breastfed (with implants) a baby born by surrogate?  I will probably result in new implants, if it would even work...but I just can't help myself,...I breastfed my other two children and want to do the same with this one...I know...I'm late getting on board...I just really want to do this...the odds of it even working are slim to none, I know,...but...if anyone has any advice...I'm all ears...