Sunday, 3 July 2011

Now What???

Now to figure out our next move. Definately going to try again...but, how? Spoke with our RE in Houston; he does not recommend frozen embryos..says it will decrease our odds by 60%...if you only have a 20% chance to begin with and then decrease it by 60%......doesn't sound too, I guess I will be going back to India....earliest would be in August....this time I will definately start the cycle in the usa...that would decrease my time in India to a week or, the question I start my cycle in Houston with the RE I know (that would mean spending 3 weeks away from my kids again, ugh...) or do we take a chance and try a new RE in Jackson which would mean that I could start my stim from home and only be gone from my kids for a week...but, that is dependent on if the guy in Jackson will agree to work with the indian doctors....decisions...I still want to know why I only had 4 RE in Houston brought up a good point..he said that if my ovaries were so heavy they were kissing they were full of eggs at that, it comes down to poor technique vs early release of eggs....I believe that I released my eggs early and there were only 4 left...I guess I will never know but Dr. Chauhan did make me feel better...he encouraged us not to give up and that we had a good chance for medication protocol just needed to be tweaked....Dr. Chauhan is my RE in Houston (he also happens to be from Inda and speaks 3 languages-he would have no problems communicating with the dr's in India; that is definately a plus!!!!)  Anyway, we will keep our eyes on the prize and try to not let our setbacks pull us down. We are taking our vitamins and trying to devise a least we have a little time to think....Rene'

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