Tuesday, 28 June 2011

BFN (Big Fat Negative)

Received disappointing results this morning. Our surrogate is not pregnant. beta numbers 4.96. (0-4 is not pregnant). They will recheck numbers tomorrow but medically this is not a viable pregnancy. Numbers should have been much higher (at least triple digits I would think)...so had possibly a chemical pregnancy at some point...ugh....this was not totally unexpected but as we have no frozen embryos this really hurts...will have to regroup and proceed with plan b....whatever that is.....of course, although sad, I'm starting to get angry and that is never good for anyone or anything that gets in my way....this is a  setback but I am not ready to give up.....we will get through this....dr says i have to give my body 6 weeks to heal and by law India does not allow re-entry soon that 2 mths from last departure...so that gives me time to get a plan together....also, this last ivf was not totally in vain...we learned some things...1) we make great quality embryos (just not many) and I would rather have a few great quality than a truckload of crappy, 2) I need high dose stimulation from day one, 3) my trigger shot may need to be adjusted, 4) some things just don't come easy to everybody.....so, guess I better get busy emailing our doctor and coming up with a plan b...till next time...Rene'

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