Wednesday, 17 August 2011

clock is ticking.....

Had appt with new RE yesterday...we liked him much much better....he even said he would attempt to let me try to get pregnant myself but it was a long long shot and our odds are much better with surrogacy...we would be his first couple to go to india for surrogacy.... but at least he is willing to help us with the stimulation....due to my "advanced age" time is of the essence and we have got to get started looks like a month of birth control pills are in my near future and another long flight on the big bird....i am interested in trying myself but i don't want to waste what eggs i have we will probably do another surro attempt and maybe in the interim try to thicken my lining although we all know that is a hail mary to figure out if we want to cycle at same indian clinic or try one in a different region in india....would be nice to try in dehli or hyderabad....anyway, the clock is ticking so we have got to get going....the hardest thing is finding someone to watch my kids while we are gone as they are in school right now....anyway, we need to hurry my antral follicle count keeps decreasing as time goes on.....hopefully will make a decision by the end of the week....rene'

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