Tuesday, 23 August 2011

plans to make plans.....

We've decided to use SCI for our next surrogacy adventure. Nothing against the Rotunda, we just would like to see a different part of India and Dr. Shivani has a great reputation. She and her staff are very quick with emails and I have been very pleased so far. Now to narrow down a time to go. Personally I would rather go sooner than later...once I make my mind up about something I want it done yesterday...Dr. Shivani has sent us multiple emails and seems to really keep up with communication and any questions that I have. Now to get out Gene's hospital call schedule, er schedule, and wound care schedule and try to work around that. Unfortunately, I will have to make the first leg of the journey alone which will be a new experience for me and then he will join me...but I am glad that he will be staying home with the kids...it took them a long time to get over our last trip...they missed us so....I have the best in-laws in the world...they agreed to come to our house (7 hr drive) and stay with the kids until we get back...that way the kids will not have to miss school and get to sleep in their own beds!! I think that will really help my stress factor!!!  I was so worried last time because 3 different people were keeping my kids and I was halfway around the world...very stressful to say the least....I now feel at peace with our decision to change clinics and hope for a new start...now that I know my kids are taken care of it is like a burden has been lifted....
I've been taking dhea (supposedly good for old eggs-side effects can be facial hair, aggressiveness and irritability-lucky Gene!!),tons of vitamins and supplements..when I get to India they are going to add growth hormone to my protocol this time...but, unfortunately I will not get taller; just wider.....Gene may have a gorilla for a wife when this is finished!!!  Rene'


  1. You will love Delhi and SCI! Congrats on making plans!

  2. Sending you baby dust and the best of everything ... hang in there, you have so many people supporting you ... never be afraid to get in touch with anyone from your online surrogacy community

    Meg xxx