Friday, 30 September 2011

3rd accupuncture it really didn't hurt as bad this time....but it didn't seem to help as much either...there was one exciting moment when she had to move the needle in my calf because my ankle felt like it was on fire...she usually puts a heat lamp on my feet but this time she put a lamp over my abdoment as well.....incubating my eggs i suppose....dehli approaches....i will get on the big bird and fly away in a week and one -half...i so am not ready...i need to pack...make a list...have a nervous breakdown...but, time marches on whether i am ready or not...i can't wait to see how many eggs we get this time...i want to see if all of the supplements and vitamins i have stuffed in my body make a difference....well, time for bed...till next time... rene'


  1. Hi Rene
    Don't forget to email me with your flight details. I'm so over acupuncture vitamins and eating wholesome foods!!Lol! But if it works we will be celebrating very soon!!!!!!!!