Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 2 shots and shopping

Wating in the lobby for our car to arrive.....

I gave myself my injections today and didn't see Dr. Shivani. I will go back to clinic on the 17th for an estradiol level and i'm hoping an ultrasound. I'm taking 400 iu of gonal f daily and I withdraw this from a 300 gonal f pen and withdraw the excess into an insulin syringe which results in 400....i do appreciate the frugality of Dr. Shivani as I would have simply just paid for a 400 gonal f pen and used the included needle..cost goes up significantly with each dosage increase...i was freaked out at about 2 am when I realized I had 300 gonal f instead of 400; i emailed Dr. Shivani and she immediately emailed me back explaining why I had the 300 dose! When does she sleep?? She was very nice and explained to withdraw the excess and even offered to pay for a taxi for me to come back to clinic for another demonstration if I didn't understand.... I have started to have a little fullness in my ovary/abdomen area and a little lower back discomfort and some breast tenderness...I hope that is a good sign!! I don't remember having any symptoms this early last stimulation as I was a slow responder in that one!!!

In the afternoon, Bec and I went shopping to some local markets...I loved them!! Got to haggle a little and I finally bought a sari!! Maybe I should wear it to the airport to meet Gene next bought some good luck elephant/stuff...would be cute to decorate a nursery with...just saying!!!!  (Especially since it is illegal in India to find out the sex of the baby...indian elephants go with boys and girls!!! 

Watching him pack up my new sari!!!

  Was going to order room service but decided I would rather have a peanut butter and jelly bec and I headed to the market for a few groceries....then back to the hotel for a little rest..after all, my eggies need to be pampered!!!


  1. I LOVE a good bargain! Looks like you ladies are having such a great time! Looking forward to LOTS of positive news in the upcoming weeks!!!

  2. I saw that photo in the market with all the textiles and I was taken back to when we were in Mumbai. Soak it up, have a wonderful time and tons and tons of positive thoughts coming your way for the retrieval and transfer. Peanut butter is the best comfort food ever!

  3. Hey, that grocery store looks fantastic!!! Where is it? I was so worried that we wouldn't have a market that we'd feel safe shopping in while there. Best wishes!