Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day 3 shots, shopping and new friends

This is the outside of Svelte...did I mention it sits on top of a mall???

Inside shot of Select Citywalk mall

security outside of our hotel

Today was pretty uneventful as far as medical issues. I shot myself twice and then proceded to work on some of my laundry.  After Bec got back from her appointment we ventured out on foot and went to the mall and she introduced me to the world of massage...Bad, bad girl....I am hooked...she is to blame for my new you can see, I am roughing it in this third world country....After our massage and brief shopping, we met up with SCI liason Meg, her husband Bob and their beautiful son Toby for drinks....of course, Bec and I were limited to just one...but still, good times were had by all. It was great to finally meet one of the people instrumental in us choosing Dr. Shivani. We have been very pleased so far. I continue to be impressed by Dr. Shivani and her staff daily.  I hope that we can get together with Meg and her family again before they have to leave Dehli. I will include some night shots outside our hotel but they did not turn out very well. Maybe you can still get the general idea.  So far, no plans for tomorrow. Monday will be the exciting day. I will get the painful, as Bec says, "Bum" shot added to my regime and some labwork and maybe an ultrasound, too. We also are going to try to see the accupuncturist as well. We did call to set up an appointment but for some reason, they were unable to understand us on the telephone.....FYI, don't ever use the word "box"  or "rooting" in a sentence when talking with an australian...apparently they have different meanings over there than in the me...been there, done fact, they can be offensive....hmm..who knew???

Bob, Meg, and Toby

directly across from our hotel....


  1. Haha, check out the water down the front of Toby, little grub. Great to meet you, we'll be back your way Monday, and will try to catch up. x

  2. LOL - yes those 2 words do (can) have a completely meaning to us!!.
    Great photos!, looking forward to experiencing it myself. Enjoy the massages!