Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day 4 shots/relaxation

It was decided that today should be a day of rest, it is sunday after, after breakfast and shots went to the. top of the hotel for a was lovely....if I closed my eyes I could pretend I was on vaction and not a human pin cushion over 15,000 miles away from my family.....I miss my family....I can't wait until Gene gets here Thursday....of course by that time my ovaries will probably be huge and painful and I won't feel like doing anything and he will be ready to go sightseeing, I'm sure!!! I have found him 3 places to buy mocha so maybe that will make it up to him...I can't remember finding a place at Mumbai that served mochas...that is his addiction; mine is diet dr pepper and I'm afraid that is nowhere to be found in India that I know of...But, i always look; you know, just in case....Bec and I went to an awesome Italian restaraunt tonight...they had mochas and beef...woo hoo!! Almost felt like home.....I can't wait to take Gene there....My internet was down for quite a long time earlier....and that was not a good feeling.....the IT guy from Svelte came up to check the computer and he appeared to be scared to enter my room...apparently bec and I are intimidating to some, I wanted to mention the two things that happened on this trip that caused me great anxiety...1st, I was in the elevator...the lights went out and it started crashing toward the ground with an Indian family screaming the whole time (apparently a brief blackout..didn't last but a couple of minutes), and 2nd, the lights in my room seem to pop on in the middle of the night....scares the crap out of me...(apparently safety feature after yet another blackout-which is much better than an intruder, I must say). Anyway, tomorrow is the big day...a new shot and ultrasound and lab....hopefully all will go well...


  1. It's so great that you two have found each other and can pal around together during the time you have there. I had to laugh at the elevator experience. Once, when I was about 15, I was in an "explorer" organization because I thought I might want to go into law enforcement. Anyway, I got stuck on an elevator with shackled prisoners in our Central Prison for a good while because of a power outage. Totally memorable experience! Best wishes!

  2. The elevator story is absolutely frightening! I tried to take the stairs in India until my ovaries got too painful to avoid such a power outage experience. So glad you are having a good time otherwise! What was the name of the Italian restaurant? Was it real beef?!!? Alex and I went to Hard Rock in Delhi a few times to grab a burger, but that definitely was not beef. Buffalo maybe? Hope your cycle is going nicely...a cautionary tale about sight-seeing with the hubby: during my first IVF in India, Alex really wanted to go to a fort in Hyderabad, so I obliged...walked three miles that day (the day before egg retrieval), and thought I was going to die that night. Keep on relaxing! Best of luck to you!

  3. I am yet to experience a black out in the elevator. I might leave that experience to you!! I think you miss Gene!!!!!!!