Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Crazy Question

Ok..crazy question....is there anyone out there in blogland that has breastfed (with implants) a baby born by surrogate?  I know...it will probably result in new implants, if it would even work...but I just can't help myself,...I breastfed my other two children and want to do the same with this one...I know...I'm late getting on board...I just really want to do this...the odds of it even working are slim to none, I know,...but...if anyone has any advice...I'm all ears...


  1. HI,

    I did not have Implants but do have some breastfeeding back ground.

    1) It will depend on what type of surgery you had. Several articles from DR. Jack Newman.
    Here is one such comments he makes :

    A woman who has had breast augmentation surgery cannot breastfeed. Not true! Most do very well. There is no evidence that breastfeeding with silicone implants is harmful to the baby. Occasionally this operation is done through the areola. These women do have often have problems with milk supply, as does any woman who has an incision around the areolar line.

    You can try the induced lactation protocol. (This is what I did, and continued to take the Domperidone after the girls were born for 11 months.)


    Also used these Herbs


    Also did acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

    With implants you never know before hand how much you can produce so all you can do it try.

    I did not have enough breast milk for two babies, but I still went through the act of breast feeding both girls and top them up as well with Donated breast milk from other mothers and formula.

    It is worth a try and it is such a magical experience to have your baby at your breast.

    I would also suggest a Lactation consultant to work with before you go for baby pick up while you pump to get some milk flowing as well as once you return to have someone asses supply and demand.

    So exciting to think about the prospect of it.

  2. Wow thats an interesting question, I am attempting to induce lactation following this protocol but I don't have implants.
    Good luck!!!! xx

  3. Best of luck-- Its a tough decision. The good news the lactation consultants I met with said that if you have breast fed before you have a much higher chance of success.

  4. That is the one thing I truly wished I could have done with our 3 surrogacy babies. I was harvesting eggs when we picked up Isla so my husband and I thought long and hard and thought it was too hard to do both at the same time. I still think about it often when I hold them and wished I had of tried. Good luck!

  5. Induced lactation is 100% possible, especially since you have breastfed before. Tons of info is available out there, but just follow the Newman Goldfarb protocol and you have it made. Email me at embolism99@yahoo.com and I can send you some of my leftover supplements (My babies were born early and had feeding issues and due to my PCOS and not having the extra time to prepare my breast tissue I produced so little it wasn't worth the 5 hrs of pumping per day). Read this post on my blog and it will give you all the info I assembled on the topic. http://www.10milesuphillinthesnow.blogspot.com/2012/06/induced-lactation.html

  6. I forgot to mention the book "Defining Your Own Success" is the only book out there worth reading on the topic. It doesn't cover the induction part and is about people who have had breast augmentation and try to breastfeed. It is full of actual info and science and not solely the motivational/emotional content that I found in most breastfeeding books.

  7. I am so happy that you are willing to try! Please let us know what you find. Interesting option for many women becoming mothers through surrogacy or adoption.


  8. Good on you Rene for trying , I really hope it works xx Not long now......just saying!

  9. Thanks guys...It came so easy before and I know it would be a huge struggle if it would even work...thank you for all of the info!!!

  10. Yes, you can! However, you won't get the thick fatty milk (colostrum), but more the matured milk. Still very good for preemies and infants as it is easy to digest and contains antibodies to fight for infections.
    Just get the meds from your doc, pull out your old milk pump and follow the protocol. Once you get some milk coming out, you may need to do a few days of pumping every 2-3 hours, drink a lot of liquid to bring up the production. If you can rent a hospital grade milk pump, go rent one! That one is super strong and pump 2 boobies at the same time. It saves a lot of time!

  11. I haven't had experience with it, but my doctor informed me it was possible. Had the same exact question. :-)