Sunday, 23 December 2012

Question(s) of the day

Ok fellow know I call on you all when I need to know, here it goes...
1) What is the best DNA lab with the fastest turnaround time? Any good or bad experiences are appreciated...
2) What is the best (smallest) preemie diapers and how many should I take?
3) We are going to fly United/continental. .. we would like to get a cc that would allow us to use the united club room and earn frequent flyer miles...any ideas?
4) what is one thing you wished you would have brought but didn't?
5) Phil and Ted cocoons? Where do you get them?

Plus, any other pearls of wisdom on getting us out of India would be great!! Thanks!


  1. Best diapers for preemies is Pampers swaddlers in size P, she will use 7 to 10 per day. i think the cocoon is too big for her, but u can it online, just google it.

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your little girl!!! I seem to have missed a lot in blog land in the last couple of days!! So wonderful to see a tiny real life Christmas miracle xxx

  3. Chromosomal Labs in Arizona is what was recommended to me from everyone when I asked. I talked to Melissa (here is her email) - I just talked to her last Thursday about getting the ball rolling with our stuff. She is out until December 26th. Her phone number is 623-434-0292 ext. 133. They have a 2 day turn around once they receive the DNA sample. Your husband can get his DNA taken in the US before you leave for India - that will cut back on costs - because I was told the US Embassy charges for each swab they have to take. I also have an email from the US Embassy in India I can forward to you if you want it. Check out "Our Gemini Dragons" blog - they have a very detailed list of what to bring to get out of India quickly. We are using that to organize our stuff. - Hope this helps!

  4. 1. We are using Chromosomal labs in Arizona. So far they've been great. Melissa, mentioned above, is our contact person.
    2. Pampers preemie diapers that I ordered on Bring lots - I don't think they sell them here in India.
    3. Sorry, no idea.
    4. I wish we had brought a microwavable bottle sterilizer. I brought an electric/plug in one that burned out (even with an adapter) the first time I plugged it in. If you are staying at Svelte, they have a microwave and it's a lifesaver to be able to sterilize the bottles quickly.
    5. We bought ours on Probably the best thing we brought. I use them daily. I also brought infant inserts (The same ones you would use in a carseat) to keep their heads from rolling around. My babies love them.

  5. We have chase presidential credit card. It allows for two extra checked bags for each passenger and access to the lounges. We liked pampers preemie diapers. We wished we would have brought some champagne:). Merry Christmas!

  6. Thanks guys!! Got the microwave sterilizer..checking into the presidential credit card..still don't have a cocoon or car seat or stroller...we have so much stuff to get!! did get in touch with the lab in arizona...they are awesome...thanks!!

  7. Here is my packing list: I would add that you should bring several speed flows of nipples and Beechnut rice cereal, because you don't know if your baby will need a thickener to avoid aspiration and what nipple will work best with the thickener. Beechnut mixes best. I wish I had brought more burp cloths. Also don't be like me and think you'll get them home before they outgrow preemie clothes, because you can scarcely find newborn clothes in Delhi. I brought items to serve as a makeshift crib, but I bought something there as well as a steam sterilizer and electric kettle that served me better. Bring way more formula than you think you will need, because it is the last thing you want to run out of while you are there. Similac Neosure tends to be the best preemie formula and if your pediatrician has done their research they will keep her on it until 6-9 mos old for catch up growth so you might as well stock up. I recommend bringing small bottles, like the 60-90 ml ones they use in NICUs if you can find them. The more you have the less you need to sterilize, and they won't take much more than 2oz at a time before you leave so big bulky bottles are a waste of space when there is so much to bring.