Friday, 28 December 2012

One Week Old

Well...she still doesn't have a name...but...she is one week old today!!!  She is still on cpap...I will feel better when she gets off of that...that could be 3 days, could be another week....but at least she is not sick!! The doctor continues to reassure us that she just needs to grow...they have stopped the iv fluids and the prophylactic antibiotics...she continues with her tube, all she needs is time...When are we going to Dehli??? That and what is her name are the two questions we are trying to answer...We want to go today...but, of course....that creates a financial issue and an issue with childcare for our other two children...with my husbands work schedule he is unable to keep the kids as he works 12 and 24 hour shifts about an hour away from home...two to three weeks in February we had worked out...2 or 3 months now...we had not....hopefully all of the moons will align soon and we can get on that big bird and fly!!! Of course, she still has no bed, clothes, car seat,, we will make good use of this time by getting her stuff bought and ready for her arrival to the US...We can't wait!!  Keep us in your prayers!!!  Thanks everyone for the support you have shown. It means the world to us!!!  Oh, on the name thing..we are getting it narrowed down a little...since she was born on "doomsday" according to the Mayans, we are considering a middle name of Maya....but, of course...that is not set in stone yet!! 


  1. Beautiful pics. Wishing you all smooth planning! X

  2. Hi Rene,
    Congrats on your baby girl! We just arrived in Delhi early this a.m. Our twin sons were born the same day as your adorable daughter! My email is We are at Svelte. Maybe we'll see you here!

    All the best and fingers crossed for us!

    Karl and Jeremy

  3. Maya is a beautiful first name, you'll be there soon!