Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 9 Delhi

Ok...I'm a terrible blogger...but, in my defense we have had a lot going on. We stayed a week at the Hilton (free on rewards points, woo hoo!) and yesterday moved over to svelte to a room with a microwave for bottle sterilization...The internet is slow here and not as good as at the Hilton..we have to use wireless here and I do not like that...I prefer wired when I am out of town and needing to access personal information...

Anyway, lets catch up...it has been a total roller coaster...MJ is up and down...until yesterday we had a hard time getting her to take more than 15ml at a time from us....she was getting just exhausted...yesterday and today she took the whole 30ml when we fed but she has had some episodes of her 02 sats dropping when NOT feeding..so..I feel like one step forward and two steps back!! But, she looks good...she is more alert and taking her feeds much better...I personally feel that she is having reflux issues and although Dr., Gupta doesn't feel that is an issue he did start her on some anti-reflux meds prophylactically...He feels that her PDA (heart thingy) is the cause of the desatting...We were considering getting her out tomorrow but now he feels that we need to wait another day or two...we are probably going to wait until her FRRO appointment and then jet out the same night...of course we have no idea when that will be....

The embassy came and did the dna collection yesterday for us at the hospital due to her heart condition...I just cannot thank them enough..they have been very kind to us...we then went to the embassy today to get her CRBA (certificate of birth abroad).  Unbelievably, we were in and out in one hour!! Amazing!!  We filled out the forms...Both of our names are on the Indian birth certificate and the CRBA and will be on her passport as well...The CRBA is her american birth certificate. She will likely be the only one in her class with one of those on the first day of school in our little town, lol....Once the DNA test is back we will get her an emergency passport that is good for one year...at that point we will make our appointment with the FRRO to get her Indian visa and then we can finally head home!!

Heading home opens up some new issues...especially with her PDA...we are going to be making some phone calls to some dr's in the us and coming up with a plan...Overall, she is just a precious tiny baby and we are so blessed. We can't wait to get her home.

I also wanted to thank everyone that has commented on our blog...For some reason..my computer is slow and I'm unable to reply to each one..I finally gave up..but I do appreciate everything you guys write and all of your positive vibes!! We could not have done it without you!!  We are at Svelte in room 516 if any of you guys here in Delhi want to get together!! Would love to hear how you guys are doing!!  I will try to be better with the updates and get some pics in soon...Take care and God Bless....


  1. Great news all around by the sounds of it! MJ sounds like she will do things in her own time. Good luck with everything!

  2. Good luck! We are in Delhi too, please do email if you need anything. Hope MJ has a speedy progress x

  3. Hey what's your email? Mines Adrian.tilby@gmail.com can you shoot me an email

  4. She sounds like a fighter despite being a little peanut! Fingers crossed that you can get back home with your little one very soon.

  5. Fingers crossed for a fast exit!!

  6. Fingers crossed all goes well for your trip home. And super positive thoughts for MJ...take care.

  7. Hey you, as you may have known I have not been at breakfast for the past two days as we left on MOnday night to go home after the FRRO. I do hope you get home soon with your little one and it was nice meeting you, take care and sending good prayers to you

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