Tuesday, 15 January 2013

See you soon MJ

Sunday is the day..we will get on the big bird and fly 8000 miles.....spoke with the Dr. she continues to do well without oxygen...she is still on tube feeding...will attempt bottle feed in 4 or 5 days...no infections, no meds, no iv's...wow...and no momma or daddy there with her....now im worried that we will visit her and give her an infection...she seems to be doing well without us...and believe me I am thankful for that....I worry about setbacks when they start the bottle feeds...reflux, aspiration risks...etc...a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, you know?
 Im not satisfied with the nursery...it looks like a boy's room to me...we had bought gender neutral bedding that once out of the package has way too much blue....now that I know we have a girl...,I want pink and girly all the way!! But, DH has other ideas...the way I see it, since I'm going to be home with her 24/7...I need something asthetically pleasing to me....something that puts me in a "happy" place while Im rocking a colickly baby!!  I wouldn't tell him what kind of stethoscope he had to use at work, right?  I know...weak defense,...but it's mine...lol...but, it's a nice battle to have, right?
I am unable to get my pics to post...it doesn't give me the little button that says choose from uploads...i click on upload and there is no way to choose a file...anyone else have this problem?


  1. Congratulations! So happy your little one is doing well and you will get to be with her soon! I totally had that problem with pics and using a different browser worked. I think internet explorer didn't, but Google Chrome did (could have been opposite, I can't remember).

  2. I am glad to hear that she is doing so well. Safe journey.

  3. About time girl! How exciting!!!!!! Oh the feel and cry of a new born, I miss it, mine are such big thugs now, enjoy every moment, and take videos and lots of photos xxx

  4. Renee,
    We are bit late to say congratulations. But still very happy to know you have a baby girl. This is wonderful news.

    John and Michael

  5. Not long now!! Safe travels to meet your little girl!

  6. Hey guys I am here and I met your parents today at breakfast very sweet couple they are :) Let me know if you want to chate or what not. My little girl was picked up last week and she is doing wonderful. Hope to see you guys in person.