Monday, 13 June 2011

egg retrieval

Had the egg retrieval yesterday.....ok until back at hotel...I really thought it just be like a few period cramps....more painful that I anticipated....took the tylenol they gave and that did help but only lasted about two stomach is so swollen i look 5 months pregnant....although i had about 15 follicles they only retrieved 4 eggs total...and they have no answers for as to why....said the others were empty....we will find out thursday how many fertilized....odds are, there will be another egg retrieval in our future....i spoke with another couple that they gave 10% odds to and they retrieved 17 immature eggs from her; 7 mature with 5 of those fertilizing...they placed all 5 in one surrogate and resulted in one live birth and they are waiting to take her back to england...she was born in march and they still don't have the paperwork ready yet (feel bad about griping that it will take us 3 weeks to get back to us with baby)....hopefully we have 4 babies growing in a petri dish right now...we will convalesce today...Gene has pulled a muscle in his shoulder/back and is competing with me for nurturing and attention. Too bad I'm the only one here to give it to him!! He is on Ibuprofen and I'm on Tylenol and we are going to take to the bed to get well....don't worry, he can still work the remote, lol.....FYI, if anyone has an egg retrieval schedule I would bring a pair of those girdle panties, I think they would be great right now for support...and if you come to India, bring Febreze and lysol, I'm just saying......Gene has still not received his proof for attending the CME last week but I assure you, he has followed up on it...I think he is about to resort to email....that will at least help our travel expenses for tax purposes...better go now...time to rest....

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