Saturday, 11 June 2011

getting closer....

Yesterday our scan revealed a few more follicles and trigger shot was scheduled for 11:00 pm last night. Had some blood drawn but no more shots other than trigger!! woo hoo!! Will not miss those!!!!  An interesting fact to note was that now my ovaries are "kissing". (touching)...they are apparently big and heavy now...I must admit, I am aware of them now....Looks favorable that we will be able to have two surrogates as originally planned!! Of course, not every egg will be mature and not every egg will fertilize so there is no way to predict how many embryos we will have.  But, the doctor reports that I have a good number for age 38. Gee thanks, I think...felt like an underhanded compliiment, lol.....Last night we went to hard rock cafe and finally had some beef!!! It was great by Mumbai standards...not so great by American standards but it felt like we were back in the usa for a little while...also had the first french fries since we got here...and ice cream brownie sundae....expensive but well worth it...funny thing is an airplane ticket from mumbai to delhi was cheaper than our meal last funny is that....the trigger shot was easy....just another in the the countdown begins until the retrieval in the morning.....the hardest thing is trying to drink 5 liters of not doing so well with that....yesterday was terrible downpour of rain but today although overcast no rain yet....we may branch out to theater across the street for a movie tonight if we get bored....till next time...rc

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