Sunday, 5 June 2011

Monday June 6, 2011

Yesterday was somewhat uneventful...went to another shopping mall...there was a blackout for about 45 minutes that is apparently quite common in Mumbai.  Monsoon is officially here...there has been pretty much continuous rain for the last few days. I personally like it was way too hot before....Today we went to the clinic for a scan; only 10-11 follicles seen. She is now going to crank up the hormones. She increased my dose and has now added a IM shot. That one is a little rough and has to go in the buttock. Surely now my devil horns shall begin to grow....poor Gene....I was disappointed that there weren't more, but the doctor assured me she had been taking it slow with the hormones so that I wouldn't be hyperstimulated which can lead to complications. She reassured me that 10 is a good number, but I am not convinced. Tomorrow Gene gets to give a contribution to be frozen for backup; just in case we have issues on egg retrieval day. That will be done at the old clinic and we will get to meet Dr. Allabhadia (the medical director and reason we chose this clinic). We will then go back to the new clinic for my injections. The next day will we have another scan. So that is our life in Mumbai...I must say, it's a lot different being on the patient side of healthcare instead of the provider.  Oh, we did have another experience today...taking our clothes to the laundry...I'm suspicious our driver got a finders fee out of the deal that came out of our pocket, but it was still a lot cheaper than the hotel....

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