Saturday, 4 June 2011

So it begins.....

Okay, so it took me a few days to get our blog started...but, you know, everything in India takes longer than in the me start at the beginning. We have known since before we married that we would require the use of a surrogate to extend our family. I had a uterine ablation a few years back which essentially fried my uterus...making it too thin for a pregnancy to be sustained...I have two healthy children from a previous marriage that required no fertility treatments. But, this time is different. Need a little help from technology and a lot of help from God. Apparently age 38 is old by reproductive standards and makes the surrogacy thing a little more interesting. But, that being said, anyone that has ever told me I couldn't do something has ended up eating those India you ask? Well, pricing of course and the fact that you can use up to two surrogates at one time (the one thing that can be done to increase the odds)...also the surrogates are housed and followed by a nutritionist and social worker for the duration of the pregnancy. The surrogate has to sacrifice being with her family to help us extend ours. If we knew that it would only take one attempt the us would have been an okay option I guess but we've been told it usually takes several attempts and we can get those in India for the price of one in the US. We have received many raised eyebrows and both negative and positive feedback. But, as I like to say, don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes.  I have always taken for granted being able to have a baby, until now. In fact, my whole life, if I wanted something i worked and worked until I found a way to get it. I have always believed in the adage if you want something bad enough it can be done. I still believe that. Nonetheless, I have started this blog to help others like ourselves. We would have never had the courage to do something like this without all of the information, blogs and emails from others that have made the journey before us. So, for that, I would like to say thank you to those people.

May 29 2011
Headed to Mumbai, India for surrogacy!! This is my first real international flight (i don't count aeromexico to mexico to a resort, lol!) Gene has lived in Dominica so he is well versed in third world countries I will be happy to follow his lead!!! The flight was uneventful with the exception of the disgusting bathroom on the first connection...enjoyed watching other passengers and trying to guess where they were from and what their purpose in India was!  I did look a little silly with tubes sticking out of my ears for pressure relief...but they sooo work! I forgot to put them in for one landing and was suddenly reminded by excruciating pain in both ears!! Definately recommend if you have ear pressure issues....

May 31, 2011
After an extended layover in Paris and out $35 for a water, diet pepsi, yogurt and muffin we finally arrived in Mumbai at approx 4:am. I must admit, at that time of day in a foreign country, we were more than willing to pay $26 for a taxi to take us one mile.  Even at that time, traffic is wild and crazy, horns blaring and drivers going madly all over the road...there are no designated lanes...they just honk and swerve...kind of reminds me of myself at age 16!  As pointed out by fellow blogger Distant Miracle-the Marriott was like an oasis in a desert. After a search of our taxi by security and a sniffing dog we were then dropped out at the front door. There our bags when through an xray scanner much like the airport; we walked through a detector and then I being female went into a curtained area to be handscanned by a female scanner and Gene gets to spread eagle it in front of God and everybody. We get to do this each time we enter the hotel. Don't get me wrong; this makes me feel better or at least a little more secure.  After a few hours of sleep it took us the rest of the day to buy an indian cell phone....that was an experience in itself...apparently Indian english is different than Mississippi english!

June 1, 2011
It begins!!! First day at the clinic was quite an experience. We are using the Rotunda Centre for Human Reproduction and they are about to open a new clinic. This means we go back and forth between the old clinic and new clinic for different things (payment, blood draw, appointments). Fortunately, Gene made sure we located the clinic by rickshaw yesterday so that we wouldn't be late today. That was a great plan. Alot of rickshaw drivers (a rickshaw is like a suped up golf cart/taxi) speak little to no english. We had to write everything down and he stopped for many sets of directions but somehow we made it. We decided today to take a taxi and I had forgotten how great air conditioning is!!! Rickshaws are open and it is hotter and more humid than any Mississippi summer I could remember! Anyway, our doctor is great and I she speaks fluent English so that is a plus. I just assumed everyone at the clinic spoke english. That is not the case. The doctor told me to empty my bladder before the ultrasound and had me go into what looked like a locker room with two non english speaking helpers. Although the facility is brand new and not finished yet the bathroom did not look like ours at home. I thought these two little indian women were going to scrub me down but I then decided i was supposed to pee in a recessed toilet and wash off with a sprayer. In other words pee in a hole, no toilet paper and use a water hose sprayer....hmm...luckily i was prepared for this and drew out my handy roll of charmin and flushed it down the hole.  That done, we proceeded with the ultrasound. I was glad I wore a dress that day and that's all I'm going to say about that. The ultrasound was really no big deal...was just disappointed that there was only 9 total follicles as there were 17 on our last ultrasound in Houston. I was reminded by the Doctor that I have been suppressed with the birth control pills and it is her intention to stimulate all 17 seen previously. That helped my feelings some. Gene had two tubes of blood drawn while I had several. Again, no big deal. My bleeding time was a pain; two fingersticks and lots of squeezing my finger then that was over. Next I received my shots in the abdomen (gonal F and gonapeptyl). Honestly, that has been the simplest of everything we have done so far!! They were not painful at all and soon we were on our way to go back to the old clinic for payment and then to the market to sightsee.  Overall it was a good day.

June 2, 2011
Second day at clinic for lab results. Only lab back was estradiol but dr reports that it was perfect! Good news! Got my second set of injections and a refridgerated pack for the meds and we were on our way back to the hotel. We don't have to go back to clinic until Monday June 6th for ultrasound. From their she will adjust my medication dosage,
Branched out to mall. It's like an alternate universe. There was nike, levis and pizza hut but always with a twist. But, it made me feel closer to home. 

June 3, 2011
Went to elephanta caves via boat. Very cool I thought. It rained the night before and was therefore not as hot as yesterday. We got a taxi driver for the day and he slept in the car until we got back around 4:00. We bought a few souvenirs and bargained a bit. Gene later said that we were offered some suspicious grassy looking substance at the Gateway to India but I thought the guy just wanted to take our picture. I'm too busy telling people "no, I don't want to buy it" and keeping a death grip on my purse to notice anything else. Someone elses blog mentioned not wearing open toed shoes. I think that is a great idea. Some of the streets are very level but others not so much. Also, shorts...western women get stared at enough without showing fact, it's a little unnerving...I wish I would have brought my clear contacts (i have naturally hazel eyes) instead of my shocking blue ones....Gene even got a few stares yesterday at the mall when he wore shorts, but I do believe unlike myself, he enjoyed it!!  As far as the meds go, no major side effects yet. A little episode of dizziness about 40 minutes after injections and a little breast tendeness but that is it. So far, so good. In fact, I think I have been nicer that usual although Gene does not agree.

June 4, 2011

Did I mention that we upgraded to the executive suite? All that really means is that our internet is included and we have access to the executive lounge upstairs that keeps soft drinks, water and light snacks stocked. From 6-9 there is also free alcohol and some hot snacks (usually vegetables and chicken or fish). It is actually very good and we do not have to buy dinner as it is very filling. The best part is there are several newspapers to read and flat screen tv's with nice plush chairs/couches; this gives us a safe place to hang out beside our hotel room. But, having unlimited access to alcohol is not always a good thing. I had two drinks at the lounge last night and I saw them again about 4:00 am...and the chicken...not so good the second time...then...the diarrhea...OMG....thoughts flashed through my head...alcohol induced...side effect of med vs delhi belly (india's equivalent of montezuma revenge)....i also felt very tired and achy today...glad we decided to stay in...gene is feeling great...we have eaten and drank pretty much the same thing...have rationalized it out to not likely being delhi belly but I did take some medication we brought with us just in case.  Of course nausea vomiting and diarrhea is a side effect of one of the ivf meds and also of the doxycycline we are taking for malaria prevention, so who knows??? As long as it;s not delhi belly I am happy. FYI, as far as alcohol intake is big deal for me as my eggs are already formed and shouldn't effect them...effects the male more that the female as he is constantly making new sperm. I will not be partaking in any more though. Don't need anything extra thrown in my body for now. Okay, that pretty much takes you up to date on our trip so far. Until tomorrow....

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