Tuesday, 7 June 2011

more shots....

Today we went back to the old clinic to meet the head doctor, Dr. Allabhadia. We had a conference there with him and Dr. Somyha Remish to discuss any questions or concerns. Gene gave a backup contribution today but was disappointed in the collection room as it was basically a closet with a stretcher with no reading material. Remember, they are in between clinics right now and some things have already been packed up/ We received the two surrogate profiles although there has been some debate as to whether we will have enough embryos for two so we will just have to wait and see. We won't know anything untill egg retrieval day...which is tentatively set as June 13. Can't tell much difference as far as side effects go with the additional shot except that I have been nauseated and can't stand to smell or see the indian food in the exec lounge. I have received 17 subcutaneous injections in abdomen and 2 intramuscular injections in buttock so far. Belly is a little bruised but fine...the butt hurts...We did manage to find a good shopping center with a movie theater with english current movies...we have the new xmen movie as a to do on our list!!!  Of course, my dear husband has found a way to write off part of our trip...we attended an indian medical association conference this afternoon....we were the only westerners in the lot!! We got lots of stares but it was an informative conference on lung cancer. Only cost $350 rupees each (roughly $9) and we got real indian buffet food. It was very interesting I must say. They have them every Tuesday and Thursday and we plan on going back on Thursday. Cool!  Now we have to go try something for dinner...hmm..indian or dominoes?

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