Wednesday, 15 June 2011

still waiting

today we just hung out in the room and convalesced; i was still under the weather...Gene is a little better...I am more whiny, achy and constipated....we leave tomorrow night and I have not had any action from the 10 pericolace i've taken....i hope i don't blow over international waters!!! You know the airplane bathroom is not for me!!!!  I dread the flight home....we go in the morning to see if any of our eggs fertilized...keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer...we will likely only have enough for one surrogate but it just takes one, right? The first leg of our adventure is drawing to a close...I miss my babies at home....I wish they could have come! I think it would have been a great experience for them....just to see the poverty and the homeless children begging for money and food....make them appreciate their lives more....I know it makes me appreciate mine and makes me thankful for what I do have....till tomorrow..rene and gene

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