Monday, 20 June 2011

time to catch up

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I have been under the weather and jet lagged.....but at least we are finally at home!!!  Ok, to catch you up to date. Last Thursday we went to clinic and learned that 3 out of 4 eggs fertilized. (woo hoo!). And best of all they were all grade A quality. That is the best score they could have. Things are looking good so far. They did not recommend putting two in one and just one in another surrogate. They recommended placing all in one surrogate for optimum results. Looking at it from a medical standpoint we went with the advice of the professionals. I must say, the doctors were enthusiastic about 3 grade A embryos; they were all smiles and advised we had a good chance for success. That helped my feelings...I had been a little down since the egg retrieval...I had expected many more egss....Last  Tuesday they spoke like we would likely be repeating the retrieval and that they wanted that done asap with lots of testing on me (yuck!!). Apparently, I'm not getting any younger......India doesn't allow any one from the usa to re-enter before a two month time period....I would have to wait 6 weeks anyway for my body to heal before another IVF protocol could be initiated.  We did not meet the surrogate...we just know that she is young (approx 20-22 years old..i can't remember exact...has a 2 year old child and apparently an awesome uterus!!!).  Personally, I like it better like this...I need limited information as I am waaaay too obsessive!!! She is a little talller and weighs a little more than me (which is good;  Gene weighed 10 pounds and both my kids were approx 8 pounds each). We saw a picture of her and she is pretty (I know that doesn't matter, but you know, just wanted to throw that in there!!). Also, to note while we were at the clinic a group of surrogates came in laughing and smiling; all obvious pregnant and happy. They were approx 20-30 years old and all looked very happy and content. That made me feel good to see the friendships and contentment they displayed. Our surrogate will have a pregnancy test on the 27th so we should know if we have a "chemical" pregnancy by the day after that. You are told not to get excited until they make it until 12 weeks...apparently there is a high miscarriage rate in "test tube" babies....often the pregnancy test is positive but the ultrasound shows an empty sac of nothing without a heartbeat...But, we will just have to take it one day at a time and for now be happy with the fact that we possibly have 3 babies forming....they did send us pictures of the embryos and it is amazing that those few cells are a baby....or at least potentially a baby....they have to adhere in the uterus and get nourishment to grow.....we still have a long way to go but are definately on our way!!! It has definately been an adventure so far!!!

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